When renovating or undertaking new construction, Architectural Hardware puts the finishing touch on your project. Our Architectural Hardware department has what you need to ensure that your finishing touches make the impact you want. Ring’s End offers high-quality, stylish door handles, knobs, and locks as well as interior door, window, and cabinet hardware, switch plates and hinges.

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Architectural Hardware Showroom in Norwalk

Architectural hardware serves many purposes throughout your home. It can be functional, decorative, custom, or all of the above. From door knobs and levers to kitchen and bath cabinet pulls to antique reproduction barn door hardware, the combinations of styles and finishes are limitless. Even by changing only the hardware in a room you can change the way that the entire room looks.

Barn Door Architectural Hardware Tracking Options at Ring's End

Barn Door Hardware


When choosing architectural hardware there are many things to consider such as different styles, finishes, materials and price points. In addition, custom orders are possible with many of the brands we carry, allowing you to create a look reflective of your personal style. With custom orders, ordering early will ensure that your project stays timely.

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Architectural Hardware Options


One of the newest trends we are seeing is the keyless entry door system. As smart home systems are more prevalent, this remote entry system is on top of the technological shift in hardware. See below, the Baldwin Evolved system, blending luxury hardware with Bluetooth technology. Features like this give your home the newest in technological and architectural advancements. We work with many premium companies, such as Baldwin, Emtek, Omnia, Schlage, Stanley and more, giving us the ability to offer you exactly what you are looking for in keyed or keyless entry.


Baldwin Evolved Architectural Hardware at Ring's End

Baldwin Evolved Hardware

With all of the options available, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Luckily our teams are in place to help you. Every full service Ring’s End location has an Architectural Hardware showroom to provide you the opportunity to see and feel the products.

You are welcome to stop in to our showrooms from 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday and Thursday until 7pm seasonally. Any member of our Architectural Hardware Team will be happy to answer questions and find solutions for your home.