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Builder and Contractor Education
Builder/Contractor Education

Ring’s End is dedicated to providing continuing education for builders and contractors.  Most of these events are held in our Stratford educational center, and most are free – all you have to do is register and then show up!  Programs cover a wide variety of subjects, from learning the ins and outs of new products to training in the latest business software and marketing strategies.  We also partner with the Home Builders’ Association to offer professional seminars in everything from OSHA construction rules to green building to financial management.

On occasion, seminars will require a fee, particularly when professional certification is involved.  Our popular EPA compliance lead-certification program is a case in point, as it includes awarding an official federal lead-certified builder certificate upon completion, which is necessary for working on structures built prior to 1978.

Ring’s End believes that such educational efforts not only increase the knowledge base of builders and contractors, thus improving quality of construction and, indeed, the quality of life in our area; they also develop a sense of professional community.   That’s one reason why we always supply free refreshments – such as continental breakfasts or lunches – at these events: you have the opportunity to get to know fellow professionals, share experiences, even develop possible working relationships, in a relaxed environment.

Ring’s End also sponsors in-store events, like the Katz Roadshow, tool fairs, and product demonstrations.   For a schedule of these events, as well as of our educational programs, please consult the Ring’s End Calendar.