Color Tester Sample Kit at Ring's End

After deciding you are changing the look of your home it feels good to begin; but you now have to decide which colors you want. If you have a color scheme, it is time to narrow it down, and that means getting color samples.

At Ring’s End you can purchase a paint sample of Benjamin Moore paint for $6.99 a pint. Once you have your samples, it is time to test them. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make is painting directly onto their wall. You may have done this previously, but a better way to sample color is a color tester sample kit.

When painting directly on the wall, you need 2-3 coats in order to saturate the wall fully. This process leads to a build-up of paint. The build-up becomes a problem once you have finalized which color you have chosen. With the build-up of paint, you now have sections of your room that are not the same finish. By using a sample kit, you paint directly on boards that you can tape on your wall, move around your room and take when choosing new decor.

Color sample tester kit at ring's end 2

On the picture above, you see how color looks completely different when it is added to the wall versus a testing board. Another reason a color tester sample kit is a good idea is for the versatility of movement. When working through choices it is helpful to have the ability to change the location of your sample boards in the room. This leaves you with the ability to see it behind artwork, by itself, next to the trim and more. It also lets you decide if a swatch looks better in a different room completely. This really gives you the freedom you need to make the best decision.

However you decide to handle this in your home, our team of Paint Specialists are happy to help. You can stop in to one of our many Paint Centers from 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday and Thursday until 7pm seasonally.