Wouldn’t it be nice if paints and stains would leap out of the can and apply themselves neatly and smoothly to whatever surface we designated? Sure it would… but they won’t. Instead, they wait for us to do surface repair and preparation — and they refuse to budge until we select brushes, rollers, or sprayers to move them where we want them to go. Because paints and stains are so stubborn, Ring’s End Paint Centers make sure to be accommodating and helpful; we carry everything you need to prepare walls and wood, plus everything required to do the actual painting and staining.

Types of Preparation Materials


Sandpaper consists of heavy paper coated with an abrasive; the abrasive comes in various grit sizes ranging from extra coarse (for rapid removal of material) to ultra fine. It is used to smooth surfaces, to remove a layer of material, or to roughen a surface before painting or gluing.

Spackles and Wood Fillers

In general, putty is a stretchable, moldable material used as a filler or sealant. Wood putty is used for filling holes and cracks in wood: it is either solvent-based or water-based, the latter formulation is growing in popularity due to its environmentally friendly properties and easy clean-up.


Latex caulk works well for most interior applications, such as caulking around trim before painting; it can be painted and applied to porous as well as non-porous surfaces. Silicone caulk is usually applied around tubs and showers as it adheres well and resists mold. It works best on non-porous surfaces, is long-lasting, and is better suited for filling gaps that contract and expand than is latex caulk.


There are many kinds of adhesives: wood glue, epoxy, polyurethane glue, just to name a few used in painting and remodeling preparation. Some are waterproof, some perform best in exterior applications, some have excellent gap-filling properties. Let the Ring’s End Staff help you select the adhesive that’s right for your project.


Low-tack painter’s tape is used to protect surfaces and to create crisp and straight painting lines. It is commonly applied along baseboards, window trim, wall and ceiling edges, and fixtures.

Drop Cloths and Floor Protection

Painter’s tarps come in canvas or polyethylene (plastic sheeting). Poly tarps are 100% waterproof, can be less expensive, but often need to be anchored in order to stay in place. Heavier, reusable canvas tarps can protect a delicate surface like hardwood flooring while people walk on it.

Pressure Washers

Also known as power washers, pressure washers remove dirt, mold, and loose paint from outdoor surfaces. These high-pressure sprayers are available in electric and gas-powered models.

Surface Preparation

Whether the surface you are finishing is old or new, the success of your project depends on proper surface preparation. Cleaning, brightening, stripping and restoring your surface prior to finishing will ensure a result that will exceed your expectations.

Types of Applicators


Paint brushes are ideal for ‘cutting in’ -- the careful work needed where a wall or ceiling abuts another surface -- and for exterior and interior trim. Ring’s End stocks soft, firm, and extra-firm synthetic and natural bristle brushes in almost every conceivable shape and size, as well as disposable foam applicators for small jobs.


Paint rollers are used for covering larger surface areas; considerations for choosing a roller cover include the surface to which the paint or stain will be applied (a deeper nap is needed for uneven or textured surfaces) and the type of paint or stain you’ll be using.


Sprayers provide quicker production painting as well as fine finish work. We carry the full line of Graco and Titan sprayers for both purposes.

Types of Ladders


Stepladders are the most popular style of ladders used for medium and low heights. They are available in fiberglass and aluminum, come with multifunctional tops, and have varying numbers of steps.

Extension Ladders

Used to reach rooftops, high-ceilinged rooms, and other hard-to-reach locations, aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders come in a variety of heights, and load capacities.

Household Ladders

Household Ladders, often referred to as step stools, offer convenience, easy portability and storage, and stable support for indoor tasks requiring an extra ‘lift.’

Specialty Ladders

Professional specialty ladders include portable scaffolding as well as heavy-duty aluminum or steel-frame scaffolding, planks, and stages. Household specialty ladders include attic and fire-escape ladders.

Ladder Accessories

Accessories such as stabilizers, shoes, levelers, hooks, and straps increase safety; accessories such as platforms, trays, shelves, hangers, and job buckets increase efficiency; accessories such as castors, jacks, and covers increase ease of use.

Types of Safety Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment

Safety harnesses combine inspectability and adjustability to ensure safe performance. Lanyards, rope lines, and anchors meet the safety requirements of many working conditions.

Goggles, Respirators & Dust Masks

Paint goggles protect wearers from overspray. Dust masks guard against airborne particles, but not against gases or vapors. Respirators are used when working in an environment containing airborne toxins.