Kerianne Smith

Kerianne Smith

Kerianne's love for the arts translates into her design process, approaching each space as an artful composition. Since graduating from Pratt Institute and gaining valuable in-field experience, Kerianne has been coordinating clients' spaces to be a thoughtful representation of their functional and aesthetic goals.

Benjamin Moore

Sea Salt (CSP-95)

Farrow & Ball

Cromarty No.285



Benjamin Moore

Seapearl (OC-19)

Q&A with the Designer

What elements define your style?
I love to play with texture, in fabrics, flooring, tile and wallpaper. Textures have a unique ability to create welcoming spaces.
What parts of the coastline did you look to when choosing these colors? Was it the nature? The way you feel when you’re at the beach, a specific memory or vacation, etc.?
Definitely nature, specifically the beauty of serenity throughout the New England seasons.
There are many trends we see a lot in design along the Connecticut Shoreline and New England, what about your design differentiates you from these trends?
Being able to recognize when a trend will be short-lived is important. A short-lived trend is a fad, which is not something to implement in areas where it's not easy to change. If you want to paint your dining room the pantone color of the year, go for it! That’s easy enough to change and will bring joy for the time it’s there.
What influences your paint selections, do you tend to use the same colors a lot or are you always looking to try new colors and products?
The project goals always take precedence! I have used the same color more than twice, but because colors take on a new identity when they’re paired with different elements or at a different location, I always curate the paint selections to work with project specific elements. It’s always fun to use a new color.
What's your favorite part about living and working on the Shoreline?
Every view and property are so different from the next!
Favorite restaurant on the Shoreline?
It’s a tie between Rise in Mystic or Noahs in the Stonington Borough!
Favorite shop on the Shoreline?
Love the COQ in the Borough and Rochelle's Boutiques in Mystic.
Favorite shoreline beach?
McCooks, love the juxtaposition between the rolling hills of grass and the sand.
What would be your perfect weekend on the CT shoreline?
Walking around one of our downtown areas and supporting our local business, probably with a cup of tea.
How did the Shoreline inspire your color collection?
If you’ve ever been to the Point One Architects office, it’s easy to see how the shoreline inspires me every day!