Jody Deluca Designs

Jody Deluca

Jody Deluca Designs is a full-service design firm for commercial and residential interiors with over 20 years of professional experience. Jody’s goal is to provide her clients with their dream home with exceptional service along the way and JDD’s outstanding reputation has been built on these core values.


Skellig Rock

Benjamin Moore

Beacon Gray (2128-60)


Dense Fog

Benjamin Moore

White Sand (OC-10)

Q&A with the Designer

What elements define your style?
I design my client's homes based on their style. However, I would define my personal style as eclectic. I love to use materials with texture, bringing warmth to a space by using wood finishes, and I also love clean spaces in combination with a pop of color or unique special piece.
What parts of the coastline did you look to when choosing these colors? Was it the nature? The way you feel when you’re at the beach, a specific memory or vacation, etc.?
I looked to our New England landscape when selecting these colors. If you look outside any of our windows you will see warm neutrals with an earthy base. I chose these colors to bring this natural feel into a home.
There are many trends we see a lot in design along the Connecticut Shoreline and New England, what about your design differentiates you from these trends?
Our primary focus is to design timeless spaces. However, we do love incorporating design trends as well. These trends may change over time, but we are always ahead of this and excited to provide our clients with the perfect result.
What influences your paint selections, do you tend to use the same colors a lot or are you always looking to try new colors and products?
Our design decisions revolve around our client’s taste. We do have our favorite go-to colors for certain shades. We also are always using new colors and products for the unique look that we feel defines our style.
What’s your favorite part about living and working on the Connecticut coast?
Connecticut has always been home to us so naturally it is our favorite place to live. We also love working on the coast because it has so much to offer – there are so many different style homes – anything from modern to historic and even varying locations. There is so much opportunity for creativity.
Favorite waterside restaurant on the Shoreline?
Rowayton Seafood
Favorite shop on the Shoreline?
Love shopping for gifts and small accessories at Kirby and Company in Darien. I also love looking for art at Sono Galeries in Norwalk.
Favorite local beach?
Tods Point in Greenwich is one of our favorites.
What would be your perfect weekend on the CT coast?
A day off on the beach with a great book.