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When the word ‘deck’ is mentioned, most people think of a traditional wood deck, and for good reason. Wood is a beautiful, versatile, and durable product. It lends warm visual appeal to outdoor spaces… and it even feels good under bare feet! Ring’s End offers popular wood decking choices in-stock, including pressure-treated lumber, cedar, and Ipe (ironwood, a tropical hardwood). Our experienced salespeople can answer your questions about wood decking options and help you create a deck that looks great, expands your living space, and adds value to your home

If you're choosing deck boards yourself:

Look for pressure-treated boards stamped ‘select,’ which means a grade with few knots or blemishes.


Sight down each board to avoid warped, twisted, or cupped boards; avoid wet boards.


Consider using pressure-treated boards for structural elements and upgrading to cedar or tropical hardwood for the deck boards proper.


When buying cedar boards, select boards cut from the heartwood.


If you choose a tropical hardwood like ipe, remember that its density makes it harder to work with and that a dark colored wood. Is not the color that will remain. With Sunlight Ipe turns a beaurtiful silver color that does not to be maintained.