Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Floor Finish, Satin, Quart

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Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Floor Finish, Satin, Quart

by Vermont Natural Coatings

Made Green! This professional, water-based polyurethane not only enhances the innate beauty of wood, it preserves it with a durable shield that is environmentally safe. A unique whey formula and low-VOC content mean healthier air quality, so you won't need to move out while the finish dries. Produced with renewable whey polymer proteins, this advanced wood finish is safe for the environment AND the user. Its low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)content — 180 grams per liter — is far lower than even the toughest U.S. standard(250 grams per liter). Plus, Poly-Whey™ finish is exceptionally durable, with a cured hardness twice that of the average water-based finish. Perfect for furniture, displays and a wide variety of other interior woodworking projects. Features : Durable coating seals and protects wood Easy to apply and clean up Neutral odor Quick drying
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  • Additional Information
  • Quick drying: under 2 hours
  • Soap & water cleanup
  • Low-VOC: 180g/L
  • Great coverage: 500-600 sf/gal
  • Application
    1. Stir well prior to use. Apply full strength with brush, floor pad or t-bar. Thinning may result in reduced performance.
    2. Test the finish on a sample piece of wood to confirm compatibility and desired appearance. For best results apply in temps between 65F-80F with a relative humidity of 40%-60%. Avoid applying in direct sunlight Three coats are recommended for optimum product performance.
    3. Apply thin, even coats taking care to prevent the finish from forming puddles. Overlap strokes and always maintain a wet edge. Finish will dry in two hours under normal conditions. High humidity or low temperature may lengthen dry time.
    4. Sand lightly after first coat with very fine sandpaper (220 grit or finer).
    5. Vacuum dust and wipe with a water-dampened cloth and Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner. Never use steel wool or a tack cloth.
    6. Apply second coat.
    7. After second coat sand only if 24 hours have passed since the previous coat was applied. Sanding, vacuuming and cleaning between coats will aid adhesion and create a smoother surface.

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