In many homes or projects, a finished ceiling is desired where there are numerous pipes and wires that need to be covered, such as plumbing and HVAC. Since these require access, the solution is a ceiling system. Ring’s End carries ceiling systems made by USG Interiors that also can work for sound dampening and fire resistance.

Types of Ceilings

  • Tiles

    Ring’s End stocks 12-in by 12-in ceiling tiles in four different finishes. They have tongue and groove edges to interlock the tiles and hide the fasteners. To install, they are stapled to wood furring strips.

  • Panels

    We carry ceiling panels to fit USG’s Simplicitee DX ceiling grids in both 2-ft by 2-ft and 2 ft by 4-ft sizes. The square panels are available in four different finishes; the oblong panels are available in three different finishes plus a Fire Code option.

  • Light Panels

    Also made to fit USG’s Simplicitee DX ceiling grids, translucent prismatic panels allow lighting from above the system. These panels come in a 2-ft by 4-ft size.

  • Ceiling Grid

    Ring’s End stocks all the Simplicitee DX components needed to construct an interlocking ceiling grid that accepts USG Interior’s Ceiling Panels.

The Brands We Sell