Cabinet knobs and pulls are often called ‘jewelry’ for your kitchen or bath. And for good reason: while essential to a properly functioning space, they also can add texture, color, variety, and personality to a room. When you visit a Ring’s End Architectural Hardware Showroom, you’ll be delighted to see the many beautiful ways these products can express your unique sense of style.

Types of Kitchen & Bath Hardware

  • Cabinet & Drawer Knobs

    Knobs are functional yet decorative hardware items. Typically made with one screw hole, knobs come many sizes and in a fantastic array of materials, finishes, and styles.

  • Cabinet & Drawer Pulls

    Pulls come in a variety of types including handles, cup pulls, and finger pulls. Each type is available in a wonderful array of materials, finishes, and sizes.

  • Appliance Pulls

    With the increasing popularity of paneled and custom built-in appliances, manufacturers have expanded their lines of refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher pulls. Like other types of kitchen & bath hardware, appliance pulls come in a huge assortment of designs and materials.

  • Cabinet Hinges

    Surface-mounted hinges can be an important design element in some styles of cabinetry. Today’s most commonly used types of hinges are concealed or semi-concealed hinges; soft- or self-closing systems are increasingly popular.

  • Back Plates

    These decorative plates mount behind knobs or pulls to create a larger design element and, in some retrofits, to cover up previous mounting holes.

  • Bath Accessories

    Add style and function to your new bath with towel bars and rings, robe hooks, and tissue holders that coordinate with your cabinet hardware.


  • Brass

    Its huge variety of finishes make brass the most popular material for kitchen and bath hardware.

  • Bronze

    Bronze is also very popular. Sandcast bronze is often used in rustic and arts-and-crafts styles, whereas lost-wax cast bronze works well with classic, traditional styles.

  • Chrome

    Chrome remains popular for bathroom hardware in both polished and satin finishes.

  • Iron

    Forged iron (wrought iron) hardware gives kitchen and bath cabinetry an authentic rustic touch.

  • Nickel

    Nickel is a commonly used material for kitchen and bath hardware, with the satin nickel finish often being preferred.

  • Porcelain, Crystal, Glass

    These materials give a charming, traditional look to kitchen and bath cabinetry.

  • Steel

    Stainless steel hardware, with its clean and sleek design, is often used in homes with a contemporary aesthetic.

  • Zinc

    Zinc alloys are sometimes used for molding intricate designs that cannot be cast in bronze or other metals.


Options for architectural hardware finishes have expanded significantly due to innovative technology and customer demand. Today you can choose from a large variety of beautiful finishes that combine high style with durability and ease of maintenance. We’re highlighting some of the most popular finishes here; visit a Ring’s End Showroom to see all the exciting possibilities.

  • Polished Brass

  • Satin Brass

  • Aged Bronze

  • Polished Nickel

  • Satin Nickel

  • Antique Nickel

  • Polished Chrome

  • Satin Chrome

  • Satin Stainless Steel

  • Polished Stainless Steel

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

  • Satin Black

Styles of Kitchen & Bath Hardware

Our job at Ring’s End is to help our customers build well and to realize their aesthetic vision. While there is virtually an unlimited number of kitchen and bath hardware options for any taste, the following are some common styles.

  • Colonial

  • Craftsman

  • Classic

  • Eclectic

  • Georgian / Federal

  • Modern

How to Choose Kitchen & Bath Hardware

You’ll want to select hardware that complements your room’s style and your home’s architectural design. But keep an open mind – there are some stunning new products that may give you fresh ideas! Visiting a Ring’s End Architectural Hardware showroom is a great way to view your options… and to work with experienced salespeople who can answer your questions about quality, durability, and maintenance.

If you’re replacing knobs or pulls on existing cabinets, remember to:
– Match the style and material of visible hinges
– For pulls, measure the distance between the screw holes
– Double check the clearance

Three Considerations:

  1. Bigger Can Be Better
    Larger knobs are easier to grasp, particularly for older people. Tall cabinets and wide drawers may look great with long handle or appliance pulls, which also can be easier to operate.
  2. Quality Counts
    Solid knobs and pulls resist denting and bending. High quality knobs and pulls have better, more durable finishes as well as more intricate detail. Many manufacturers offer warranties.
  3. Mix and Match
    A recent trend is to mix finishes and designs within one hardware collection. Particularly in large kitchens, having different looks in different areas adds visual interest without sacrificing design continuity.

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