In the last few decades, beautiful decking products have been manufactured from plastic or from combining plastic and wood fibers. These products not only resist rot and insect damage, but their surfaces also resist fading, marring and staining from that occasional errant ketchup bottle. Durable and easy to maintain, composite & PVC decking can give the look of premium wood without warping or splintering. Ring’s End carries three selections of Fiberon synthetic decking and two selections of Trex composite decking.

Composite & PVC Decking in Stock

  • Fiberon Paramount™ PVC Decking

    New Fiberon Paramount Decking is beautiful, durable polymer decking at its finest! Paramount combines all the advantages of cellular decking with a highly resilient surface for lasting durability. This strong surface is bonded to the core to create a hard-wearing deck board with premium, realistic wood looks that last. Paramount Decking is backed by a lifetime performance, limited warranty.

  • Fiberon ProTect Advantage™ Decking

    Fiberon ProTect Advantage sports a solid, flat bottom profile and is engineered with proven performance of patent-pending PermaTech® technology for durability, stain and fade protection. Traditional composite decking has been available for 20 years. ProTect Advantage Decking performs better than any traditional composite and is available at a competitive price. Backed by a 25-year, limited warranty for stain and fade protection, ProTect also resists mold and mildew. Now more homeowners can enjoy the benefits of real, low-maintenance decking.

  • Fiberon Horizon® Decking

    As stunning as it is strong, Fiberon Horizon decking with patent pending PermaTech Innovation is designed to last. A revolutionary breakthrough in composite decking materials, it is the perfect union of natural beauty, cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in low maintenance. Could outdoor living possibly get any easier or more beautiful? We doubt it. Horizon Decking is the most beautiful, natural, and durable composite decking. Other composite decking products just do not look as rich or natural as Horizon.

  • Fiberon Symmetry™ Decking

    Symmetry Decking offers the most natural look and feel available today in luxury composite decking, all balanced with time-tested durability and performance. The low-gloss formulation and unique micro-texturing process create a beautiful matte finish. With multi-tonal streaking and colors inspired by natural elements and pigments, the palette is subdued yet striking.

  • Trex Transcend® Decking

    Transcend decking's deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors create a premium, ageless look. No sanding. No painting. Simple soap and water cleanup. Transcend maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish come scorching sun or red wine spill thanks to its unyielding, three-side shell protection…and 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty. See how using a 95% recycled board (that’s almost the whole thing) makes you feel about the great outdoors.


  • Composite

    Using a mixture of wood fibers and plastic resin, composite decking closely resembles natural wood; it comes in a wide variety of colors, grain patterns, and thicknesses. The wood fiber component contributes to its realistic look and structural strength, while the resin enhances its long-lasting, weather-resistant nature.

  • PVC

    PVC (polyvinyl chloride) decking is 100% recyclable, making it a very eco-friendly choice. It is virtually maintenance free, yet it can replicate the look of fine wood decks. PVC decking is extremely durable, as it will not fade, stain, rot, or mold. It can be configured to complement any home’s architectural style.

Features of Composite & PVC Decking

  • Colors & Grain Patterns Striking colors and graining mimic the look of natural hardwoods and add beauty and dimension to any outdoor living space.
  • Fasteners Synthetic decking can be installed either with the traditional visible screws or with a hidden fastener system that provides a smooth fastener-free surface. For grooved-edge boards, Ring’s End carries the Phantom™ hidden fastener system. For square-edge boards Ring’s End sells Fiberon’s Deck Pilot™ hidden fastening system.
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain Composite decking frees you from the maintenance of wood. It has no organic content to promote mold growth and is highly moisture resistant. Simply clean with soap and water or mild household cleaners.
  • When Safety Counts Unlike wood, composite decking won't splinter or crack, making your home safer for bare feet, small children and pets.

How To Select Composite Decking

Decking Showroom

When you visit a Ring’s End decking showroom, you’ll find an excellent selection of composite and PVC decking materials. You can compare their look and feel; our experienced decking professionals can answer your questions about the products and help you select the decking that is right for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Think about:

  1. Appearance
    Color, type of grain, and natural looking finish are considerations for achieving the look you want.
  2. Weather
    If your deck receives a lot of direct sun, you may want to steer clear of dark-colored or very dense synthetic material, as it can get very hot. If you live if a rainy climate, or if your deck surrounds a pool, look for a pronounced texture to prevent slipping.
  3. Construction
    These decking materials can be installed with clips, deck screws, or hidden fasteners. Decide which type you want, and be sure your materials and installation meet local building codes.
  4. Extras
    Your decking design may require extras like end caps, posts, and railings. Be sure to include these features in your budget planning.

See Composite & PVC Decking at our Showrooms

The Composite & PVC Decking We Stock

  • Fiberon Paramount™ PVC Decking
    Size Color Edge Length SKU
    5/4" x 6" SANDSTONE Grooved 12' 54612PSG
    Grooved 16' 54616PSG
    Grooved 20' 54620PSG
    Square 20' 54620PS
    5/4" x 6" BROWNSTONE Grooved 12' 54612PBG
    Grooved 16' 54616PGB
    Grooved 20' 54620PBG
    Square 20' 54620PB
  • Fiberon Horizon® Decking
    Size Color Edge Length SKU
    5/4" x 6" IPE Grooved 12' 54612HIG
    Grooved 16' 54616HIG
    Grooved 20' 54620HIG
    Square 20' 54620HI
    5/4" x 6" ROSEWOOD Grooved 12' 54612HRG
    Grooved 16' 54616HRG
    Grooved 20' 54620HRG
    Square 20' 54620HR
  • Fiberon ProTect Advantage™ Decking
    Size Color Edge Length SKU
    5/4" x 6" GRAY BIRCH Grooved 12' 54612GBG
    Grooved 16' 54616GBG
    Grooved 20' 54620GBG
    Square 20' 54620GBS
    5/4" x 6" CHESTNUT Grooved 12' 54612CHG
    Grooved 16' 54616CHG
    Grooved 20' 54620CHG
    Square 20' 54620CHS
  • Fiberon Symmetry™ Decking
    Size Color Edge Length SKU
    5/4" x 6" BURNT UMBER Grooved 12' 54612HBG
    Grooved 16' 54616HBG
    Grooved 20' 54620HBG
    Square 20' 54620HB
    5/4" x 6" CINNABAR Grooved 12' 54612CBG
    Grooved 16' 54616CBG
    Grooved 20' 54620CBG
    Square 20' 54620CB
    5/4" x 6" GRAPHITE Grooved 12' 54612GRG
    Grooved 16' 54616GRG
    Grooved 20' 54620GRG
    Square 20' 54620GR