A successful deck staining project starts with the proper preparations. Investing a little upfront time and using the right products will get you on your way. Deck stain will last longer if it is applied to a cleaned prepared surface. Peel Away® Deck Stripper, Restorer, Brightener and Cleaner from Dumond Chemicals will make sure you get the most out of your deck for years to come.

Staining A New Wood Deck

You might think that staining a deck constructed of new wood consists only of applying the stain and letting it dry. Alas, even new wood needs proper preparation. We’re fortunate that today’s wood prep products make the job easy.

Step One: Cleaning

Using a wood cleaner like Peel Away® Deck Cleaner removes any dirt or grime that may have accumulated during construction. It also removes ‘mill scale,’ the crushing of the grain that takes place during the milling process. When new wood is cleaned, the stain will penetrate the surface more deeply and evenly.

Step Two: Brightening

Wood brighteners break the ‘mill glaze’ found on new wood and opens the wood’s pores to better receive the stain. Brighteners like Peel Away® Deck Brightener and Neutralizer also neutralize the wood’s pH balance, which may have been disturbed during cleaning.

Step Three: Rinse and Dry

You always want to rinse your deck after preparation and before staining — to wash away soap or chemical residue as well as any dirt you may have inadvertently tracked in. Let the deck dry thoroughly (check the weather forecast before starting a deck staining project).

Staining An Older Wood Deck

When it comes to restoring an older wood deck, it’s extremely important to prep the wood correctly. Not doing so can lead to premature failure of the new deck stain.

Step One: Cleaning, Stripping and Sanding

Your first step is to remove all remnants of old deck stain. Since deck stains do not adhere to each other, applying new stain on top of old will cause flaking and peeling as the new stain will not have been able to penetrate through to the wood.

A quality deck stripper like Peel Away® Deck Stripper will break up and soften most pre-existing stain, allowing it to be washed away.


If your deck has grayed over time, Peel Away® Deck Restorer will bring your deck back to its natural beauty and help prepare it for new stain.

If your deck has been painted or has been stained using a solid stain, you may have to sand the old stain to get back down to bare wood.

Stripping and sanding can leave chemical residue, flakes, grit, and other sorts of debris. Add these to the dirt that has naturally accumulated on a deck, and you’ll see why thorough cleaning and rinsing are necessary before the next step.

Step Two: Brightening

Once the deck has been washed with a deck stripper and the old deck stain is gone, it is necessary to use a wood brightener like Peel Away® Deck Brightener and Neutralizer. Deck strippers can darken wood and unbalance its pH level; a brightener restores wood to its natural state. It also removes tannin and rust stains, as well as opening up the wood to maximum stain penetration.

Step Three: Rinse and Dry

A cleaned, stripped, and brightened deck should be rinsed thoroughly, as chemicals allowed to remain on wood can break down new stain. Don’t forget to hose down the surrounding area to dilute any chemicals that may have found their way to the yard or garden (and it’s a good idea to cover nearby shrubs, plants, and flowers during the restaining process). Allow the deck to dry for several days before applying a quality deck stain.

Following these steps helps ensure that a high performing deck stain will last a long time!  Visit our paint centers to purchase Peel Away® Deck Stripper, Restorer, Brightener and Cleaner. We’re happy to help you get the best results for your deck.

Is It Time For a New Deck?

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