Seasonal, Lawn & Garden

Seasonal, Lawn & Garden

We often think of a home or building’s value as a matter of square footage, architectural style, building quality, and interior finishes. All these factors are absolutely crucial… but they’re not the whole picture. Buildings are constructed on land, and the land needs to be as attractive as the building. That’s why Ring’s End offers a wide variety of products to enhance the attractiveness and functionality of outside space, as well as products for maintaining lawns, yards, and gardens. Our retail stores have large inventories of landscaping products, and outdoor maintenance materials — and experienced staff to help you make the choices that will best enhance your outdoor environment.

Types of Railing


Arbors are a beautiful way to add architectural interest to lawns, yards, and gardens. They can support climbing plants or vines. Arbors are either arched or square topped with lattice on the sides that are structures erected over entrances and walkways. Ring’s End offers these structures in durable red cedar by special order.


Cedar gates are both practical and beautiful. They can be left in their natural state; they can also be stained or painted to coordinate with other landscape features like fences or arbors.Many can be made using an extra piece of fencing, other speciality deigns can be special ordered.

Landscape Ties & Timbers

We carry pressure-treated pine landscape ties for small retaining walls, garden beds, steps, and walkways. Heavy-duty landscape timbers, also of pressure treated pine, are used for larger hardscaping jobs. Guaranteed against rot and decay, these timbers are available in lengths up to 16 feet.

Belgian Block

Belgian block is another popular hardscaping material. Often used for retaining walls and dealing with changes it grade, this highquality granite creates a strong, attractive structure that complements many architectural styles, including mid-century modern and contemporary.

Types of Outdoor Accessories

Lamp & Mailbox Posts

Ring’s End stocks premium heavy-duty galvanized steel mailboxes in seven beautiful colors: Black, White, Hunter Green, Taupe, Blue, Red and Burgundy. We can personalize your mailbox with your name, address, or street number with 3 different type styles and durable vinyl lettering.


Ring’s End supplies beautiful red cedar and durable aluminum mailbox posts for small, medium, and large mailboxes. These posts come in styles ranging from Colonial to Victorian to Contemporary. We also have red cedar lampposts, already center drilled for wiring.


Flagpoles let you fly your colors at home or at your business. Fiberglass or aluminum ground set poles are available in heights ranging from 20 to 80 feet. We also have wall-mount poles and American flags.

Types of Outdoor Maintenance and Storage

Lawn and Garden Care

For lush lawns and bountiful gardens, we carry top quality grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, lime, and weed and pest control products. For defining spaces, for separating natural areas from lawn or garden, for creating walkways, and for suppressing unwanted growth, we have pine nuggets and bark, gravel, sand, stone, and cement.

Lawn and Garden Tools

It’s easier to maintain the beauty of your lawn and garden when you have the right tools. Ring’s End has shovels, rakes, edgers, trowels, pruners, even wheelbarrows… everything you need to keep your outdoor environment tidy, trim, and healthy.

Driveway Maintenance

We carry heavy-duty steel driveway curbing as well as driveway maintenance products. Driveway sealers and fillers are used to repair surfaces and to give protection from UV light, gas, oil, chemical damage; they are available in smooth or traction-enhancing textured finishes.

Outdoor Storage

Durable trashcans and trashcan hideaways for 2 or 3 cans, ready-to-finish and equipped with rust-resistant hardware, help keep trash safely and attractively stored. Cypress or Cedar tongue-in-groove storage lockers are perfect for storing pool equipment, patio cushions and chairs, outdoor toys, and barbeque apparatus.
How to Select Arbors and Pergolas
Figure out the function

– Because both can support climbing plants, you’ll need to determine how many and what kind of plants you want to invest in and care for in order to determine the structure’s size. If you want to provide a visually defined seating or eating area, you’ll want to look at pergolas and determine the size based in part on the furniture it will contain. The slatted roof of a pergola can be fitted with fabric for more complete sun protection.

Choose the right material

– We carry beautiful garden structures made from red cedar, a naturally rot- and insect-resistant renewable wood. For some garden spaces, particularly low-lying locations prone to moisture saturation, vinyl may be a more practical, easier-to-maintain choice. Also, consider what surrounds it: your choice of material may be affected by the amount of visual contrast you wish to achieve.

Coordinate style

– An ornately latticed arbor goes best with traditionally styled architecture. Pergolas, with their straight edges and fewer(if any) latticed areas complement contemporary and craftsman architecture. Also consider colors that coordinate with other indoor and outdoor features like fences, exterior trim, and shutters – there’s no law that garden structures must be white or left in their natural wood hues.