Interior Doors

When you’re building or remodeling your home, it’s easy to overlook the importance of interior doors. They provide privacy and sound abatement, and they keep clutter out of sight. They also can enhance circulation of air and light throughout the home while adding to the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces. Ring’s End Showrooms offer extensive displays of interior door options… plus knowledgeable sales associates who’ll help you choose the doors that are exactly right for your project.

Types of Interior Doors

All-Panel Doors and Flush Doors

All-panel doors, which have varying configurations of square or oblong panels, complement traditional architecture; flush interior doors, smooth on both sides, are well suited to contemporary architecture. Because both types provide maximum privacy, they are commonly used as doors to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Glass Panel Doors

Glass panel interior doors, also referred to as interior French doors, allow light to penetrate from room to room, even as they delineate separate spaces. They are often used as entries to home offices, sunrooms, and conservatories.

Pocket Doors

In some situations, a door that swings outward or inward is not feasible. Pocket doors are a classic solution providing privacy and aesthetic appeal while using space efficiently.

Louvered Doors

Louvered doors are preferred when ventilation is necessary. They are often included in closet, laundry, and storage room designs.

Bi-fold Doors

Useful in tight spaces, bi-fold doors are hinged accordion-style to minimize their swing. They’re often selected for closets and pantries.

Sliding (Barn) Doors

A sliding door can be used in unconventional spaces where swing doors may not be an option. Interior sliding doors are both functional and beautiful. They can become the centerpiece of a room, or simply provide a classy, understated partition that connects and separates rooms. They are available in many wood species, in styles from rustic to modern.

Styles of Interior Doors





Georgian / Federa



Solid Wood

A solid Wood door is the most elegant interior door you can choose. These deluxe doors are available in a variety of premium woods in solid panel, glass panel, bi-fold, and louvered styles; they can be stained and finished to fit with your home’s interior architecture.


This material offers the detail and craftsmanship of solid hardwood doors without the risk of warping or splitting. Although sturdy and substantial, these doors are not as heavy as solid hardwood, making them easier to open and close.

Paint-grade Wood

Wood species like poplar and pine are ideal for paint and stain. Often they have engineered wood cores and plywood veneer panels.

Moulded Wood Composite

A lower-cost interior door alternative, this material is eco-friendly and is used for a wide variety of door styles

Hollow Core

Usually, the least expensive option, these interior doors are constructed by sandwiching a honeycomb or grid with finished boards.

Features of Interior Doors


Most interior doors are single doors, but in some areas of the home double doors are desirable, as they provide a wider, more dramatic entrance. You’ll also want to consider whether the door will swing out or swing in as well as whether the knob or handle will be on the left or the right.

Panel Type

There are hundreds of panel designs from which to choose: raised and recessed, ornate and streamlined, classic and modern. You’ll also want to consider the number, arrangement, and proportion of the panels.

Glass Options

If your door includes glass panels, you decide among clear, textured, and decorative options. Your decision will be influenced by privacy needs and aesthetic considerations.


Some interior doors can be ordered pre-finished from the manufacturer. You will have a choice of beautiful, rich wood stains or vibrant colors that express your home’s unique style.
How To Select Interior Doors For Your Home

Selecting interior doors can be simpler than selecting exterior doors, but it still involves many considerations and decisions. Type and style (and budget) usually top the list, but materials and features are just as important. Ring’s End professionals will help you evaluate factors such as privacy, ventilation, light, ease of use, and overall functionality. They will also show you a complete range of style and finish options. Finally, they’ll explain the delivery and project oversight services Ring’s End can offer.

We’ve been in the business for over a century. Our longevity is due in large part to putting customers first and to standing behind our products and services. It’s not enough to sell you an interior door – or a houseful of doors. We want your doors to be absolutely right for your home, your taste, and your lifestyle.


If you need a replacement door, take pictures of the damaged door or of other doors in your house that are similar to the one needing replacement.


If you need doors for a new build or a remodel, assemble photos of doors that you like that fit your home’s overall architectural style – and figure out the type and number of doors you’ll need


Visit one of the Ring’s End Windows & Doors Showrooms.


Consult with a Ring’s End sales professional about the interior door options that will meet your needs, your style, and your budget.