Fine Paints of Europe EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat

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  • Fine Paints of Europe EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat

    by Fine Paints of Europe

    EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat is a premium quality acrylic foundation coat for interior use on walls and ceilings. EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat is the appropriate first coat for all FPE Systems (oil and acrylic) which are to be applied to new sheetrock or wallboard. Resinous woods should be primed with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat or ECO Primer/Undercoat to prevent staining. Drying: Dust free in approximately 1 hour (68˚/65% humidity). Tack free in approximately 2 hours; can be re-coated after 4 hours. Coverage: 2.5 liter = 280 sq.ft. 1 liter = 112 sq.ft.
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    The application of water-thinnable coatings differs from that of oil-based types. EUROLUX flows easily and spreads quickly, but do not “overwork”. Do not apply at temperatures below 50˚F or above 80˚F, or when relative humidity exceeds 80%. Surface must be dry, clean and free from grease. Do not tint this primer as it will slow dry time. New walls: Clean and pole-sand smooth. If required, fill holes and cracks. Apply one coat of EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat. Finish with two coats of EUROLUX Interior Acrylic. Previously painted walls: Clean and sand. Remove all loose and flaking material. Fill holes or cracks. Spot prime exposed or bare substrates with EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat. For best results, apply one coat of EUROLUX Primer/Undercoat over entire surface. Finish with two coats of EUROLUX Interior Acrylic.
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