Festool is known as a leader in innovative, high quality tools. Oscillating multi-tools have become a standard for building professionals, and it’s no surprise that Festool leads the pack with its Vecturo OS400, now available at Ring’s End.

The Festool Vecturo OS400 is much more precise than competitors’ oscillating multi-tools. The plunge base in combination with Festool’s innovative magnetic strip helps keep the blade from wandering and reduces vibration, making cuts much more accurate. The depth-stop is great for cutting thin materials, particularly flooring. The depth-stop’s feet can be rotated to make cuts at all sorts of angles. The rotating depth-stop helps prevent making costly mistakes like hitting wiring or pipes. The plunge base and rotating depth stop are available in the Vecturo Multi-tool Set.

Festool’s Vecturo is the perfect choice for anyone who needs more precision from their oscillating multi-tool. Festool offers a large number of accessories that can be changed without tools, making the Vecturo accurate, versatile and hassle free. Stop by one of Ring’s End lumberyard locations to pick up a Festool Vecturo today.