Bob Thomas Ring's End New London

Bob Thomas has over 34 years of industry experience, 16 of which are with Ring’s End. As a self-proclaimed “Paint Geek”, he enjoys his role as the Paint Center Manager in New London, CT. Bob has been involved in the New London community for 32 years and loves the clientele, which is mostly trade professionals. The Paint Center customer base is currently 80-85% contractors and industrial property managers.

Having been in the coatings industry for so long Bob has seen many changes. Some of the biggest shifts have been around environmental issues, specifically in the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Ring’s End carries a variety of low and zero-VOC coatings that meet or exceed industry standards for environmental safety.

Bob enjoys coming to work every single day. He loves learning about customers’ projects and finding the solutions to best help them. Bob has worked with families in the area for so long that some of his customers are second or third generation!


1 – What do you remember about your first day and week at Ring’s End?

I was hired to open the New London location. Originally there was nothing here and we needed to gut and clean the whole place. I worked at the Niantic location a couple of days a week and then I worked here on the layout with the general contractor creating the store.

2 – What is the best advice you have ever been given?

My best advice is a question. No matter what you do in life, personal or professional, if it ended up on the front page of the paper, would you be proud? I have lived my life like this because it is the best example of being your best self every day.

3 – If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I really don’t know what I would want, I am pretty happy with life the way it is. However, it would be great to have extra arms or ears to get more work done.

4 – What 3 words would you use to describe what it has meant to work at Ring’s End?

Flexibility to take care of customers. Training that really makes you think, learn and grow. Opportunities because there are so many, the empowerment that I have as a manager is huge to me.

5 – What 3 words would your coworkers use to describe you?

At our store you have to have thick skin and broad shoulders. We have fun here and there is always good natured ribbing going on. They would say I am always happy and have a positive attitude.