Windows aren’t the only option for letting natural light come into your home. While solid doors offer the very best in protection from the elements, modern tempered and insulated glass in doors provides both security and insulation from the weather while allowing more light into your home and adding a distinctive look. There are many door glass options to choose from. These options include how much of the door has glass, the shape of the glass inserts, and decorative options like textures, colors, and leaded glass designs.

Lite Options

A glass panel in a door is called a lite. A door can have a varying number of glass panels. Doors are available in full lite, ¾ lite, ½ lite, ¼ lite. This refers to the size (height) of the glass compared to the height of the entire door.

Shape Options

In addition to the popular square and rectangular, other shape options are available. The most popular shapes are oval, arch, circle and diamond, although just about any shape you can dream of can be made.

Transoms and Sidelights

A transom is a window above a door. Sidelights are windows that run along the side of the door on one or both sides. Transoms and sidelights can be used in combination to create a stunning entrance to your home and to allow more natural light in. While transoms are most often rectangular, they can also be made in other shapes with an arched top being the most popular.

Textured & Colored Glass Options

While clear glass is a very popular option as it allows unfiltered light in, textured and colored glass is a great option for more privacy and a more unique style. Textured glass is available in many different styles to suit any taste. Colored glass lets you set the mood by tinting the light that enters the room.

Decorative Glass Options

If you really want a distinctive look, you can choose from many door glass decorative options. These include intricate designs and unique combination of glass textures and glass bevels. Glass caming options of lead, zinc, copper or brass can finish off the unique look.

Simpson Door even offers resin panel options, which allows you to have organic materials pressed between two sheets of resin for a look that really stands out.

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