In this video, JLC’s contributing editor David Frane takes a closer look at DeWalt’s DWST11155 folding sawhorses. They have some well-thought out features. As a start, they’re extremely portable. A pair of horses can be clipped together and carried in tandem; legs lock in place so they don’t flop around during transport and there’s a flip-down handle built in. There’s a place to recess a 2×4 on each end of the saw horse – a feature that’s become more common on saw horses these days. It’s a nice feature because it locks the 2×4 in place so you can lay large sheets across a set of two and the 2×4 won’t accidentally flip over on you. A v-groove down the center is a good place to nest pipe or dowel rod. You can also use clamps across much of the length of the sawhorse because of the squared rail design. A pair of these saw horses can hold 2000 lbs. This portable, folding sawhorse is on sale from September 21st through October 15th, 2016 at all full service Ring’s End locations for $34.99 each, (regular price $41.99)