Colin Shaw of Shaw Remodeling

Colin Shaw began his career in the hospitality field managing hotels before deciding that it was no longer for him. As a teenager Colin had worked on a rough framing crew building houses and knew he enjoyed the work so he started Handyman Services of CT. Handyman Services of CT focuses on home maintenance, small projects, and general repair jobs. Colin begin that business 12 years ago and when he began to get bigger projects he created Shaw Remodeling. Shaw Remodeling specializes in major renovations, additions, kitchens, basements and bathrooms.

Now Colin has 2 companies with 2 teams in order to best take care of the southeastern Connecticut shore line with any project size, big or small. With both of these companies Colin has become a large customer using products from many of our different departments. Colin works closest with our Lumber, Decking, Doors, and Millwork departments.

Here are some examples of the work Shaw Remodeling has done:

Deck - Shaw Remodeling

Deck Remodel in Old Lyme, CT

Bathroom - Shaw Remodeling

Bathroom Remodel in Essex, CT

Living Room Renovation - Shaw Remodeling

Living Room Renovation in East Lyme, CT

Kitchen Remodel - Shaw Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel in Waterford, CT

Five Questions with Colin Shaw

Colin has been a Ring’s End customer for over 6 years so we sat down to discuss with him his thoughts as a customer.

1 – Describe what keeps you coming back to Ring’s End.

Customer service. Everyone is always really great about getting the job done. The employees are always helpful. My team is always happy to pick things up and visit Ring’s End.

2 – What project have you done that you are most proud of?

About 8 years ago we did a giveaway with Channel 8 for a couple that won a kitchen remodel. The wife has MS and loved to cook so she needed a kitchen that would make it easier for her to work in. That was an incredibly rich and rewarding experience.

3 – If you could have an unlimited budget for a year in one of our departments, which would it be?

This is a hard question. I am definitely debating a couple of different departments and while I am going to say kitchen and bath, windows and doors are a close second.

4 – What current project are you working on that has your excitement?

Currently in Old Lyme we are working on a project for a veteran who served in the Air Force as a nurse during the Vietnam War. We are bringing her home to ADA compliance as she plans to will her home to Veteran Affairs. The fact that her home will be a home to veterans for years makes this an incredibly rewarding experience that I am proud to work on.

5 – Tell me your favorite experience working with Ring’s End.

What I like most about Ring’s End is that I am always able to reach who I need to get a response. Last minute or not, knowing that I can always get a response with a solution is incredibly important to me so that I am able to best serve my customers.


You can catch up with Colin through his blog, On the Level, or you can follow Shaw Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram.