Ring's End Color Contrast Trim With Designer Whitney Jennison

Trim can often be overlooked, but it can add a lot to the look of your home. There are different ways to handle the trim in your home, from staying neutral to adding a pop of color. We spoke to our Designer, Whitney Jennison, to learn more about what is possible.

Color trim can add an element of surprise since most homes have the standard bright white trim. Adding a pop of color or a neutral can take your home to the next level.

Here are some of the ways you can add this element to your home:

  • Matching the trim to an element in the room. Such as a mantel, accent wall, wallpaper or ceiling to give the room a cohesive and contemporary look.

Ring's End Color Contrast Trim With Designer Whitney Jennison 3

  • Painting the walls and trim the same color gives the space a more modern look. This also highlights any art on the walls.


  • Staying true to a traditional look with white. This works if you have simple moldings that you would rather not highlight. It also helps tone down the look if you have a strong wall color.


  • Having a bold or contrasting trim allows for adding the color you may need without committing to it throughout the room. This can work with wallpaper or a bold or neutral wall.


  • Adding a darker neutral on the trim highlights doors and windows for a more architectural look while allowing you to keep things neutral and fresh with white walls or a light wallpaper.

Ring's End Color Contrast Trim With Designer Whitney Jennison 2

However you decide to handle this in your home, our team of Designers are happy to help. You can stop in to one of our many Ring’s End Design and Décor locations from 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday and Thursday until 7pm seasonally.