What’s the Ring’s End business philosophy?  It’s hard to put in words — because it’s developed from more than a century of real-world experience, of working to meet the needs of our customers. As a family-owned company rooted in Connecticut and Southern New York, we have built generations’ worth of trust with our area’s professional builders and contractors, architects, and individual homeowners. The bottom line is that we all live here: we’re all invested in the beauty, quality, and economic viability of our home and work environments. Our job at Ring’s End is to help our customers build well and to realize their aesthetic vision. We offer a wide variety of premium product choices and professional services so you, our customers, get the best value for your money. If we do all that, we continue to be successful as a company.

Because Ring’s End has been in business since 1902, we’ve had to be flexible. Our region and our country, as well as the building and lumber industries, have undergone profound changes. We’ve adapted to shifting economies, demographics, style preferences, technologies, business competition, and marketing strategies. In the process, Ring’s End has understood more and more clearly that our success and your success are mutually dependent. That’s why, over the years, we have increased our efforts to design our stores to be customer-friendly, to supplement our customer services, and to commit to industry-leading educational programs for employees and customers alike — as well as to open new Ring’s End stores in convenient locations.

So have we now put our company philosophy into words? Perhaps not completely, but we hope we’ve given you some insight into how we think about our business. The best way to understand what we do and how we do it, though, is to visit one of our stores, talk with our sales professionals, or attend one of our seminars and workshops. We look forward to working with you!