Wilton Library debuted its new children’s entrance with a public ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 8. The new children’s entrance is the brainchild of the Wilton Library’s volunteer art chairman, Ed MacEwen, who together with his daughter Bonnie MacEwen Sailor and granddaughter, Jesse Sailor transformed the space into a tropical paradise to inspire children of all ages. Ed worked with Ring’s End Color & Design Consultant Rita Troshynski, choosing over 70 different Benjamin Moore paint colors for the jungle-themed entryway.



Ed thanked the Shoff Foundation who made the project possible with their generous donation to the library. He also acknowledged the time and talents of his daughter and granddaughter who painstakingly painted every flower and leaf.



Richard L. Mason, president of the Shoff Foundation and Douglas T. Adams, vice president of the foundation cut the ribbon.



Detail of the three-dimensional canopy of overhanging leaves. The leaves were cut from aluminum, primed with INSL-X Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer for hard-to-coat surfaces and hand painted with Benjamin Moore’s “Ben” acrylic paint in an eggshell finish supplied by Ring’s End.


According to MacEwen, “Our inspiration was Henri Rousseau, who is one of my favorite artists. Appropriately, I checked out a book about him from the library, and used his paintings to inform our work.”


Jesse transformed unfinished wood columns from Ring’s End into tree trunks.


Inside The Children’s Library – a mural created with Benjamin Moore’s “Ben”acrylic paint from Ring’s End.



The Children’s Lounge, where children come to relax and let their imaginations run wild in a garden oasis of Benjamin Moore paint colors from Ring’s End!