⁵⁄₄ x 6 x 16 ft. Primed Boral Tru Exterior Trim Boards

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Product Details
  • Product Brand:
  • Length:
    16 ft.
  • Type:
    Square Edge
  • Material:
    Polymers and Fly-Ash
  • Actual Size:
    1 in. x 5½ in.
  • ⁵⁄₄ x 6 x 16 ft. Primed Boral Tru Exterior Trim Boards

    by Boral

    Boral TruExterior Siding & Trim is a true innovation, invented to address issues common with other exterior products in the industry. It's a siding material that offers a high level of dimensional stability to help reduce expansion and contraction. Plus, TruExterior resists water, making it ideal for applications with ground of masonry contact. TruExterior gives builders the freedom to build beautiful homes with confidence. TruExterior products are made with fly-ash, a by-product recovered from coal combustion. when fly-ash is combined with polymers, it becomes a durable material that's ideally suited for exterior siding and trim. Rigorously tested in various extreme climates, TruExterior products are resistant to moisture and bugs once installed, pre-primed and ready to paint any color.. 70% Recycled Materials Used - Recycled content verified by SCS Global.
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    Additional Information
  • Ideal for high humidity and rainy environments
  • Resists damage from freezing rain, snow and freeze thaw condidtions
  • Poly-ash is an inorganic material that offers no food source to carpenter ants, termites, wood-boring bees and more
  • Accepts common high-quality, exterior-grade fasteners that are suitable for the local environment
  • Can be fastened close to the edge
  • No need for pre-drilling
  • No mushrooming
  • TruExterior products come pre-primed and do require paint
  • No need to prime end cuts
  • Traditional exterior-grade caulks or exterior-grade wood fillers are all acceptable for filling nail holes
  • TruExterior Siding & Trim come pre-primed so you can create the look you want, even dark colors
  • Application
    Designed for use in non-structural applications, TruExterior Trim is suitable for ground and masonry contact and moisture-prone areas. It is ideal for fascia, door and window trim, soffits, rake boards, corner boards and more. Installation is the same regardless of the season - Please follow manufacturer's installation insructions.
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