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Thousands of years ago, windows were simple holes in a wall to allow for light and ventilation. To protect against the elements, people covered the holes with hides, cloth, or wood — and it was from these wood planks that moveable shutters were developed. Window glass came later, during the Roman Empire, but it remained a luxury item. Not until the seventeenth century did window glass become customary in ordinary homes throughout England and the Americas. Exterior shutters remained a common feature in domestic architecture for stylistic reasons and for the extra protection they provide against inclement weather.

Glass-paned windows and exterior shutters are as popular as ever, but design options have expanded greatly, and technical innovations have made products more beautiful, more efficient, and more durable. Walk through a Ring’s End Windows showroom, and you’ll see a huge selection of new construction and replacement windows: single- and double-hung sash windows, casement windows, tilt windows, bay windows, transoms, skylights… from the top manufacturers in the industry.

What’s more, many replacement windows qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit because of their superior thermal transmittance (U-factor) and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Be sure to ask your Ring’s End sales representative about our new Installation Service. And don’t forget the shutters — now available in composite materials as well as in wood… as well as in many fashionable styles and finishes.