Ring's End Lumber

For over a century, Ring’s End has been a consistent, reliable source for the highest quality wood available. We carry fir, white pine, cedar, mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, poplar and teak — wood species suitable for every application. Our premium quality translates into dependability and fewer call backs for you, with less time spent culling and crowning boards; it also translates into strong and durable construction that will please homeowners for decades to come.

Engineered Lumber Find Out More

Engineered Lumber

As the availability of quality framing lumber has diminished steadily over the few past decades, engineers have found ways of using wood in products that... Find Out More

Fir Framing Lumber Find Out More

Fir Framing Lumber

Rings End stocks dimensional framing lumber exclusively in Douglas fir, the strongest and most stable species on the market. The quality of this lumber i... Find Out More

Pre-Cut Studs Find Out More

Pre-Cut Studs

For years carpenters wasted thousands of board feet of lumber cutting small lengths from eight-foot and ten-foot studs so that framed walls would result in finished ceiling heights of eight feet or 10 feet. Ring End offers pre-cut studs in lengths... Find Out More