Inspiration for The Coffeeboxx came after the inventor saw construction crews using fragile home appliances on job sites. The Coffeeboxx looks pretty rugged, but is it? This video shows the Coffeeboxx withstood the drop test and it’s packed with great features! Coming in at about one cubic foot, this brew master works with your favorite single serve coffee pods. Not only that, but it has a separate hot water dispenser, free of coffee-tasting water for tea or hot chocolate. It features a 2.5L removable spill proof water tank, which is more than most home countertop models have. It serves up a fresh cup in under 90 seconds. Its square heavy-duty design fits nicely into a job box or in the back of a pickup truck. Its water resistant exterior is also dust proof, rust proof, impact resistant, and crush proof. It can handle a whopping 1500 lb load, meaning if you forgot it was under the miter saw and compressor before you threw a pile of 2×4’s on top, you can still expect it to perform at coffee break. The Coffeeboxx is available at our Darien, Bethel, Niantic and Wilton stores.

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